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KTM-Sportmotorcycle, an Australian motorcycle manufacturer, is owned by Baja Auto Limited and CROSS Industries AG. It is well known for its two-stroke and four-stroke off-road motorcycles as well as street bike, a venture into which it entered in the recent years. When the company started its production, racing was mainly the testing ground for the technology incorporated during production. Right now, it has branches in many parts of the world where you can find their various models including KTM Las Vegas.
Since its inception, the manufacturer has been involved in many competitions through its racing sponsorship program. KTM has, for instance, dominated the Dakar Rally with their Rally 660.

KTM Las Vegas

Off-road motorcycles

KTM manufactures some off-road motorcycles that you will find in the showrooms. They are known to produce quality which has placed them on the map. Among the most popular models include:
The production of the competition Enduro motorcycles began in the 60s, and KTM started competing in 1964. They won their first European Championship title in 1974 with rider Imerio Testori. Over the years, KTM has improved in innovation and technology to dominate the off-road market. The inclusion of the EXC line in their production made them favorites in the market for both two-stroke and four-stroke bikes.
Free Ride
This original class of off-road motorcycle from KTM is a cross between trials and enduro bikes. The top models under this category include the four-stroke Freeride 350, the two-stroke Freeride 250R and the all-electric Freeride E-XC and Freeride E-SX.
The current line of cross-country motorcycles produced by KTM designated by XC include among others, 250 XC and 300 XC two-strokes, and the 250 XC-F, 350 XC-F, and the 450 XC-F four-strokes models. They come with distinct features such as stiffer linkage suspensions, close-ratio gearbox. As a matter of fact, the XC line is an update and a replacement of the old MXC bikes.
Kids’ Bikes
KTM Las Vegas has a variety of kids’ bikes with features and power that can be handled by the children comfortably. They include the 50 SX Mini, 85 SX 17/14, 105 SX, and the 150 SX.

Street bikes

Several supermoto race bikes are produced by the Supermoto KTM coming with a displacement of 450 cc to 690 cc. In addition to this, the manufacturer produces four other bike models with non-race orientation in 625 cc, 5654 cc, 950 cc and 990 cc displacement. This company was the first to build competition-ready bikes to the public. They have received rave reviews from top bike newspapers and magazines on the new LC8 SuperMoto 950.
Sports bikes produced by KTM include the Duke, Super Duke, and the RC. They are renowned for their performance, comfort, and ease in handling.


The good thing is that these race bikes from the Australian manufacturer can be found in KTM Las Vegas with a variety to choose from – off-road motorcycles and the street bike. Ensure that you understand what you need before closing your deal. You may want to consider getting a used one if you want to tame your budget.

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