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Often, new riders are unaware of different motorcycle types. It’s completely understandable as bikes have evolved to adapt various types of bikers. From the standard bike, you’ll see cruisers, sportbikes, dual-sports, naked bikes, and more.

No one in the world can tell you which is the best for you, which is why we’ve come up with this comparison page to see which caters to your liking. Many of them will have pros and cons to what you’re looking for. Some may ride better, or some will feel easier to maneuver. This all depends on your style and how you plan on enjoying it. Of course, you don’t want to take a cruiser bike to a dirt road as you’ll have difficulty in riding. Regardless, there are a few notable motorcycles you should know about.

Standard bikes are some of the most popular bikes out there. You’ll see the rider sitting straight up with foot pegs aligned straight. The fork’s angle is slight to make maneuvering and balancing easy for everyone at any speed.

Nowadays, you’ll see many motorcyclists riding a cruiser. These are normally now in seats along with large rear tires. The forward controls are all the way at the rear end to withstand jolts. Unlike standard bikes, cruisers rely on its rear suspension to take care of annoying things like potholes.

You’ve probably heard of naked bikes which are, by definition similar to a standard bike with a few exceptions such exposed chassis and wind protection.

Some people usually think of sports bikes when they think of motorcycles. They’re engineered solely on performance which requires your arms to post forward. They have powerful engine work and tight handling.

Whatever bike is calling your name, you can compare them here!