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SPORT BIKES 2006 Suzuki GSX-R 600

Suzuki’s top performer GSX-R 600 series was completely restyled for this 2006 edition. Some notable  design additions include an underslung exhaust — for good looks — and a slipper clutch that comes standard — to keep things smooth even during aggressive downshifting. This bike model sports a lot of the characteristics of a ready-to-race track bike: quick and precise steering, intense stopping power, high-output 123 hp on a lightweight frame, 16,000RPM redline, and an easy-to-read instrument panel.

It has been generally praised for its well-roundedness and for committing no great sins in design and riding characteristics. The bike feels well-planted and stable even during fast cornering maneuvers, and its strong rider-feedback and responsiveness naturally inspire confidence. And in spite of its strong racer characteristics, it sports a surprisingly comfortable and plush feel to it, with ergonomic handlebar and foot peg positioning. The suspension is fully adjustable to dial-in the rider’s preference for firm and responsive, or damp and comfortable.

Overall, this is a great bike for track and street alike, and its well-balanced design features offer a straightforward, faultless riding experience.

Color Blue, White