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$6 ,999

Suzuki Hayabusa’s is easily one of the most iconic sports bikes to date. From the beginning it has sported legendary performance specs and top speeds that few other bikes even come close to rivaling. Its distinctive styling is instantly recognizable and utterly polarizing, with it’s large rear hump meant to keep the rider firmly in place during hard-lined acceleration. Oh, and did we mention this bike is ridiculously fast? Like Usain Bolt vs. the other guys, fast. The 2007 model belonged to the first generation of Hayabusa’s that held the title of “fastest production bike on the planet,” year-after-year…after-year…after-year… And it’s not just the insane top speed that has made this bike famous: the acceleration is stunning throughout the entire powerband, with no slump spots of wimpy gentleness.

Beyond dominating performance metrics, the bike also sports world-class handling. It affords the rider with a responsive, tactile feel, while still maintaining a generous degree of comfort and everyday ride-ability. In fact, this may be one of the most distinctive things about this top-grade performer: it makes for an undeniably enjoyable and easeful ride. Nothing feels sacrificed in the name of a spec-sheet. The entire bike comes together in a way that attests to its lasting appeal beyond the game of sheer performance numbers.

Color Black