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OFFROAD 2013 Kawasaki KX450F

This bike is LOADED with extras from head to toe. Come down and see for yourself. Starts first kick and runs great. This is the kind of bike you want for big, open desert trails, or you take through MX tracks because you want to have the most fun.

About the KX450F: Plenty of power on tap and will pull hard. Uses pneumatic driven “air” forks (vs. traditional springs) for better damping and weight saving. Adjust the psi like you would adjust the spring rate. Has several digital fuel injection maps to select for different conditions/terrains. Easy shifting and good clutch action. Great acceleration throughout the powerband, but especially in the lower and top ends —top end pull is especially impressive. Kawasaki has made one of the top performers in its class yet again with this bike. 

Engine 449cc
Color Green
Vin JKAKXG5C5DA017448