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SPORT BIKES 2014 Kawasaki NINJA 650

This mid-sized bike mixes classic Ninja sport performance with a superb degree of practicality. Note the easily readable instrument panel; the 50 mpg fuel economy; the rubber-mounted footpegs, handlebar, and seat to deaden vibration; or how well the engine heat is channeled away from the rider. Perhaps this impeccable balance is what has drawn many riders to feel such strong loyalty for the 650: its overall design — where performance-meets-real-world-utility — is just undeniably right. It’s done so well, in fact, that the bike is equally suitable for novices and advanced riders alike, a rare feat in the world of sports bikes.

The 650 is powered by an advanced, digitally fuel-injected 649cc twin-cylinder engine that is compact and engineered to the nines. Frame rigidity was dialed in using advanced computer modeling for optimal ride handling. An under-engine muffler helps to lower the center of gravity and add torque to everyday, lower sections of the powerband. A crankshaft-driven balancer is strategically set at 180 degrees to help reduce vibration. And one could go on for a while longer… In short though, you’re getting a bike that has the accumulated design genius of Kawasaki’s Ninja division with no detail spared. You couldn’t possibly go wrong with this bike.

Mileage 10062ml
Engine 650
Color Black, Gray