Apollo Motorcycles Las Vegas

BBV Powersports is an official distributor of Apollo Motorcycles in Las Vegas. Visit us to see the best Apollo Motorcycles in Las Vegas. This reputable motorcycle brand is known for its dirt bikes, ATVs, and performance parts. Apollo dirt bikes excels in all terrains and offroading. Most enthusiasts love the Apollo RFZ Rookie dirtbike because of its enjoyable riding experience at an incredible price.

The Apollo RFZ and Apollo RXF are the brand’s most popular motorcycle series. Both of these model series offers a unique offroad ride experience that any outdoor enthusiast will love. If you’re interested in Apollo Motorcycles in Las Vegas then visit BBV Powersports. Our Used Motorcycle Dealership has the finest inventory of select motorcycle brands.


Types of Apollo Dirt Bikes Las Vegas

Pick the right type of Apollo dirt bike in Las Vegas for you! Do you love dashing through offroad terrains or love cruising sand dunes? Here are the multiple models of Apollo dirt bikes to consider.

  • Apollo RFZ Rookie: this series comes in the rookie or start models. The rookie model started in 2020 and features a double beam frame, YTX aluminum cylinder engine, and a 4-speed multidisk wet clutch. This is a lowered offroad dirt bike built with a powerful 110cc engine designed for maximum movement!
  • Apollo RXF Freeride Max 19-16: this 147cc engine is capable of powering through all offroad terrains. This RXF series motorcycle has an additional 25° open-angle of 2°. Riders also enjoy new front and rear brakes, new custom-made frame foot and a new chain slider and chain wheel.
  • Apollo RFZ Enduro 150: this bike features the 150cc YTX engine, inverted hydraulic fork and gas hydraulic shock absorber. The new absorbers give the rider perfect control and handling with every ride. Riders also enjoy 17” wheels in the front and 14” wheels in the front.

Apollo ATV Las Vegas

The Apollo brand also creates state-of-the-art ATV mini-quad vehicles. You can shop the finest Apollo ATVs in Las Vegas at BBV Powersports. Our Used Motorcycle Dealership is dedicated to collecting the best inventory of Apollo vehicles at an incredible price. Finding the right Apollo ATV in Las Vegas can be difficult, but BBV Powersports makes it easy.

The Apollo VRX, VRX-F, and ATI are the three main ATV series they offer. Each model offers an enjoyable riding experience on all off-road terrains. Snow, dirt and sand are no match for an Apollo ATV in Las Vegas. Get in touch with BBV Powersports about our Apollo ATVs in Las Vegas.


Types of Apollo ATVs in Las Vegas

Want a personalized experience for your ATV? Consider any of these Apollo ATVs in Las Vegas!

  • Apollo VRX 110-F: this mini-quad is designed for younger children under 4-feet. It features a 110cc 4-stroke engine, speed limiter, 6-inch wheels and an automatic transmission. This model has a drum brake assembly plus a remote stop system with remote control for instant brake time. Making this beginner ATV safe for most younger children.
  • Apollo VRX 125-RR: this mini-quad features the latest generation of perimeter frames. Includes 8” wheels, 125cc YTX engine, 3-speed automatic gearbox and a speedometer. The Apollo VRX 125-RR is perfect for young kids or teens learning how to ride an ATV. If you’re in the market for a mini-quad then consider an Apollo ATV in Las Vegas.
  • Apollo ATI Gizmo 120: this mini-quad was designed by ATI Vehicles CEO Mike Smith. It features a 111cc 4-stroke engine, electronic fuel injected SOHC thumper, 18” wheels designed for all-terrains, adjustable coil-over shocks for the front and rears, and an automatic transmission with reverse. This Apollo ATV in Las Vegas cruises up to 30 miles per hour!

Apollo Motorcycle Parts Las Vegas

Driving any vehicle for a long period of time will require routine maintenance. Whenever you’re in need of Apollo dirt bike parts in Las Vegas then contact BBV Powersports! We have an in-house team of master motorcycle mechanics in Las Vegas. They can do anything from simple oil changes, tire changes, chain adjustments, motor rebuilds and more!

BBV Powersports excels in providing the best-used motorcycles and motorcycle repair. We have an excellent inventory of ATVs, dirt bikes, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. Even if you need Apollo ATV parts in Las Vegas our service department can help you. Get in touch with BBV Powersports for Apollo motorcycle parts in Las Vegas!