Used Motorcycle For Sale Las Vegas

Looking for a used motorcycle. Well, the last thing you want is getting ripped off and paying for a piece of junk. An astonishing number of people looking for used motorcycles for sale Las Vegas end up with one that still needs repairs. There are some dishonest sellers who won’t tell you if the bike has a certain problem. Being street smart will help you get a well-maintained bike or at least a fair price on one that is not in good shape. When you go shopping for used motorcycles, here is what you should be looking for;

General condition of the bike

You can go ahead and ignore the mileage, what you want is to see what condition the bike is in. If it is well cared for e.g. shiny, matching tires, waxed body and replaced items such as seat covers, then that is a good choice. Most people fix the whole bike and not just parts of it. If on the other hand, the motorcycle is in a state of disrepair, it might mean the bike has other problems too. Also, check fluid levels and if they have been changed recently. e.g. brake fluid (should not be dark)and coolant. Checking for dry cables, rusted fuel tank, inoperable electrical components, rusty chains and faulty brakes can help you determine the state and know if you can handle the repairs or look for another motorcycle.

Ask to test the bike when cold

Before you get to the dealer, tell them to ensure the engine is cold. And touch the pipes just to make sure. Testing the bike when ice cold will quickly reveal any starting problems. If the bike can’t start cold or sounds like rocks are churning inside, then this bike can cause you problems in the future.

Check the ends of bars, foot pegs, and levers

If you want to know whether the bike has crashed before, then you should be looking at the ends of levers (e.g. brake lever) and foot pegs. When these levers hit the pavement, they usually curl. Look for curled bars and levers or those with a rash to know if the bike has been in a crash. This doesn’t mean the bike is junk, but if the seller doesn’t admit it, they might be hiding a lot more. It is also good practice to check the tires before buying used motorcycles for sale Las Vegas. They can give you a clue of how hard the bike was ridden. Signs of pilling or feathering (blobs of rubber running to the tire’s edges) might mean that the bike was used on the track. Also, check the hero blobs on the foot pegs which prevent scraping of the bike in a lean. If the hero blobs are ground or completely gone, the bike might have been on the race track.

Remove the seat and check underneath

Most people don’t do this and end up having to do expensive repairs after the purchase. The electrical connections (most of them) are under the seat. Check the wiring, and if they are factory connectors, it means the wiring is fine. However, if you see wires hanging out then you should be worried. Look for signs of electrical tape, vampire connectors or a myriad of wires with the same color. These signs usually mean the user meddled with the electrical components and might need repair in the future.