Chopper For Sale Las Vegas

A chopper is a bike that has all the parts removed except those essential for moving and stopping. The fenders, front indicators and anything heavy is chopped leaving a lighter and faster machine. Getting a chopper for sale Las Vegas is not hard although it is an intensive process if you want the best one. Common features of choppers are long raked out forks and a low frame. Choppers are designed to be stable at high speeds when moving in a straight line. It, however, has poorer handling at turns and when moving at a low speed. Here are some choppers you can find for sale in Las Vegas;

2017 Honda Fury

The 2017 Honda Fury is an amazing chopper that packs a V-twin, two cylinder, four stroke engine. It has a capacity of 1312cc and weighs 663 lbs. With a 71.2-inch wheelbase, the Honda Fury is very stable and comfortable riding is enforced by the low seat of only 27 inches. This motorcycle has an electric starter to roar the engine to life and is liquid cooled. With a fuel capacity of 3.4 gallons and consumption rating of 45 MPG, you can ride for long distances without refueling. The 2017 Honda Fury also has a five-speed manual transmission and uses hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels.It goes for approximately $10,300 at BBV Powersports.

2017 Harley Davidson Low Rider

The Harley Davidson’s 2017 Dyna Low Rider is a throwback to the good old days. It is a powerful machine that is muscular, tough and designed for those who like to ride hard. It packs a High Output (signature engine for Harley Davidson) Twin Cam 103 engine with a displacement of 1690cc. The engine is air cooled, unlike the 2017 Honda Fury. It also comes equipped with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) on the dual disc brakes for safer riding. You can switch gears on the six-speed Cruise Drive transmission, and the engine is rubber mounted. With a low contoured bucket seat that is just above 21 inches, a steady ride is guaranteed. A new addition is a keyless ignition that the 2017 low rider uses.

2017 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide

This bike is an attitude machine to ride on for an enjoyable ride. With its classic chopper look, it weighs only 683 pounds and has a low seat of 27 inches. The 2017 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide uses an air cooled Pushrod V-twin engine of the High-Output Twin Cam 103 family. The engine displacement is at 1690cc to produce 99 ft-lb. of torque. The Wide Glide also has a 4.7-gallon fuel capacity and will set you back about $15999 when you buy a chopper for sale Las Vegas.With the 4.7-gallon tank, the motorcycle is expected to consume 42 MPG giving you ample distance to cruise before refilling the tank. It also has a wheelbase of 67.5 inches and dual (front and rear) disc brakes with dual calipers. With standard ABS and fixed front and rear suspension and six-speed transmission, the Wide Glide is guaranteed to give you an amazing ride around town.