Surron Electric Bike Las Vegas

Surron electric bikes in Las Vegas are paving the way for electric Powersports vehicles. Each Sur-ron electric dirt bike features its signature lithium battery that’s easy to charge and install. Installation and removal can be done in under 10 seconds! With its center-placed motor and upgraded suspension, you’ll easily take on any terrain. Visit BBV Powersports to see our selection of Surron electric bikes.



Electrifying Off-Road Power.
Aggressive dirt bike meets agile mountain bike. Explore the electric thrill below!



Off-Road Excellence.
Elevate your ride with Ultra Bee. Power and precision await. Learn more!



Electrifying Off-Road Adventure.
2023 Surron™ Storm Bee F. Power, range, and silence. Discover more!


Surron Electric Dirt Bike Specs & Features

There are many types of electric bikes available from Surron. Each bike offers different horsepower and torque, suspension, and handling.

Surron Light Bee S

The Surron Light Bee S features: 5,000rpm rotation speed, 75kg/166lbs of weight load, 25-degree climbing angle, KKE Monoshock With Intersect TR Suspension System, 17-inch wheels, and 4-4.5 hour charging time. This bike is a good middle ground for those looking for an electric bike that’s between the low and high-end options.

Surron Light Bee X

The Surron Light Bee X Electric bike features 6,000W peak power, 4300rpm rotation speed, 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, LCD dash on the handlebar, over 45 degrees climbing ability, 2.5-3.5 hours charging time, and an aluminum frame. This is the base intro electric bike from Sur-ron. Very inexpensive and an affordable option for many looking to get an electric dirt bike.


The Surron Ultra Bee features a top speed of 55+ MPH, 12.5 kW max power output, 440 N.M. max torque, 80+ miles battery range, 19″ wire-spoked rims for the fronts and rears, and an incredible charge time of only 4 miles. The Surron Ultra Bee is the best mid-range electric dirt bike money can buy. Built tough and forged by the best materials around! Tackle any terrain with this e-bike.

Surron Storm Bee Electric

The Surron Storm Bee electric bike features: 22,500W peak power, 383 ft-lbs of torque, 68 mph top speed, fully adjustable mono-shock & compression suspension, LCD dash on the handlebar, 21″ front tires, 18’’ rear tires, traction control, Brake Energy Regenerative System and a 4-hour charging time. This is the best electric bike that money can buy. Making it the top-of-the-line electric dirt bike from Sur-ron.

Best Types of Sur-ron Electric Bikes in Las Vegas

The Sur-ron Storm Bee Electric is the best electric dirt bike out of the four different options available from Surron. This is the best electric bike that money can buy! It’s designed by off-road Powersports enthusiasts and made for power sports enthusiasts.


One thing that every Surron electric bike comes equipped with is its LCD dash on the handlebar. Riders can see their speed, RPMs, and more on their LCD screen. With every turn and twist of the road, you’ll love to ride any electric bike from Sur-ron! Get in touch with BBV Powersports today to see the selection of bikes we have in our inventory.

Available Surron inventory

Las Vegas Sur-ron Electric Bike Parts

Looking for bike parts for your Sur-ron model? We’ve got you covered! BBV Powersports can help you with any Sur-ron electric bike parts in Las Vegas. Our service department is fully equipped to repair, install or do routine maintenance on your electric bike. BBV Powersports has master motorcycle mechanics that have worked on all types of bikes.


With many vehicle manufacturers turning to renewable energy, many master mechanics are doing the same by learning how to service these types of Powersports vehicles, and BBV Powersports is no different. Any part or service you need, we can help you!

Sur-ron Electric Bikes For Sale Las Vegas

BBV Powersports has a wide variety of Sur-ron electric bikes for sale in Las Vegas. We keep our inventory stocked up with all types of Powersports vehicles. Whether you want a dirt bike to start with or something more powerful, we can help you! The team at BBV Powersports is highly knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have.

Call us so we can find the best Powersports for your needs. Every rider is unique. Some ride on the weekends, while others ride every day. So, make sure to speak with one of our team members so we can find the best Sur-ron electric bike for you!