Surron Light Bee

Surron Light Bee

Surron Light Bee Las Vegas

Take on any rough, soft, and hard terrains with the Surron Light Bee. The Surron Light Bee in Las Vegas is known for its forged aluminum chassis, PMSM motor, and adjustable shock suspension to provide the best grip and performance.

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Surron Light Bee Specs & Features

Motor: PMSM
Weight & Motor Diameter: 3.5 lbs / 180mm
Cooling: Air-Cooled
Controller Type: X Version Sine Wave
Rated Rotation Speed: 4300rpm
Engine Dimensions: 240mm x 110mm x 50mm
Motor Shaft Output Torque @ 1000RPM: 35.40Nm
Drive Modes: Eco & Sports
Battery Type: 60V 40Ah Lithium Battery with 176 Panasonic Cells
Voltage: 60V (DC)
Battery Life: 500 Cycle
Battery Range: 60+ miles
Peak & Rated Power: 6,000W / 3,000W
Chargin Time: Fully charges in 3 hours
USB Connection Type Single USB-2.1A Outlet
Gear Ratio: 1:7.6
Transmission Type: Primary Belt & 420 Drive Chain
Chassis & Swingarm: Forged Aluminum
Front Suspension: KKE or DNM, Adjustable for Preload & Rebound
Rear Shock Absorber: KKE or DNM Shock with TR Suspension Link System, Adjustable for Compression & Rebound
Wheel Size: 19 x 1.4 Wire-Spoke Wheels Front/Rear, Alloy Hubs
Tire Size: 70/100-19 Front/Rear
Body Weight: 103lbs (Without Battery)
Max Load: 220 lbs
Max Climbing Angle: 45 degrees
Rear Sprocket: 48T
Side Stand: With Kill Switch
Vehicle Dimensions: 1,870mm x 780mm x 1,040mm
Minimum Ground Clearance: 270mm
Wheelbase: 1,260mm
Seat Height: 84-88cm
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Surron Light Bee For Sale Las Vegas

BBV Powersports is the only distributor of Surron electric bikes in Las Vegas. You can find Surron Light Bees for sale, among many other popular bikes from this brand. You won’t regret buying and even test-riding this electric bike since it’s designed to tackle any terrain. With a maximum climbing torque angle of 45-degrees, it’s no wonder why this electric bike is a favorite among off-road enthusiasts.

Time Tested Rear Suspension

The Surron Light Bee in Las Vegas has been time-tested to perfection. Surron has dialed in its patented multi-link rear suspension to give the rider the best performance on or off hard terrains. This multi-link suspension gives the tires the best ability to grip whatever surface you’re riding to give you that boost behind the wheel!

Not only does the Surron Light Bee’s multi-link rear suspension provide exceptional grip, but it also enhances stability and control. Whether you’re navigating through rocky trails or cruising along sandy dunes, this advanced suspension system absorbs shocks and bumps effortlessly, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

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Experience Surron Light Bee Performance

It’s time to experience the handling, control, and performance of a Surron Light Bee and Surron Light Bee X in Las Vegas. Visit BBV Powersports today to see our premium selection of Surron electric bikes. You’ll be able to witness the greatness of these bikes in person and even give a test ride before hitting the road!

Tackle Any Terrain With Surron Light Bee X

The Surron Light Bee X is not your average electric bike. Thanks to its high ground clearance and dual-sport suspension, this bike can handle even the toughest obstacles and off-road terrains. From steep hills to muddy tracks, you can trust that the Light Bee X will keep you stable and in control.

But it’s not just its performance that sets this electric bike apart. The Surron Light Bee X also boasts an impressive range, allowing you to venture further without worrying about running out of power. With its advanced battery technology and energy-efficient motor, you can explore new horizons with confidence.

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