Ducati Las Vegas

Ducati motorcycles are the fabled sleeping giant in the motorcycle world. After pulling off a comeback at a time when the motorcycle market in the U.S was experiencing a low, they are now a popular brand and a revered one. Ducati Las Vegas sales have soared although this may be attributed to the Ducati Scrambler which seems to have everything you would want in a motorcycle. And not only in commercial circles does the Ducati pose a threat. Their new top speed advantage on their bikes shook up the Moto GP world. Here are some reasons why the Ducati is throwing its weight around and threatening other bike brands such as the Honda, Yamaha, Moto Guzzi and Triumph.


Why the Ducati is dominating

Although the company was plagued by management issues, Ducati stuck to its innovative genius and was able to turn around. Their superior designs and unique engines worked to their advantage. Advanced engineering is portrayed by the desmodromic valve which they have continued to use since the 1950s. It works by using the cam and levers to push in the air and mix with fuel but doesn’t use a return spring like the others. This can be attributed with the revving power that Ducati bikes have. The metal springs also break which the Ducati avoids. Their most successful motorcycle in recent times is the Ducati Scrambler and for a good reason.

The Ducati Scrambler

This can be said to be the best performing bike in Ducati right now. It is a retro- style motorcycle which is comfortable to ride with advanced suspension and aesthetics too. The Ducati Scrambler was cleared off the shelves with more than 7000 units being sold in the U.S after its release in April 2015. It has performed well in Italy, Germany, U.K and Spain with sales more than 50 percent up. It’s rival the Triumph Scrambler is a tad too heavy for casual riding and has terrible suspension and brakes. Ducati’s Scrambler used this to their advantage making it light and with good suspension. It’s stylish looks and ease (fun) of riding delivered a double punch to its competitors. It has an 800cc v-twin engine, 75 horsepower and weighs 400 pounds with a low seat. This makes it a great bike for beginners and also experienced riders. A new one will set you back $8500 at Ducati Las Vegas dealerships.

Lessons learnt from the Scrambler

When we look into the Scrambler, there are a lot of things we can observe about Ducati. First, they have consistently produced powerful engines although it doesn’t necessarily make the bike go faster. Ducati also used design concepts which undercut the uglier Triumph Street Triple and the Ducati Monster. Better suspension, a low seat and lighter weight make it comfortable for normal bike use making its sales soar. Ducati’s standard engine models have made outsourcing manufacturing very easy while the engineers in Bologna work on the engine and improve it. It also cuts into Ducati’s aspect of specialization where they focused on a bike that the general public will love to use and look at. This left the heavier task of powerful engines for the Ducati Monster. This is why the Ducati is the best choice for a motorcycle in Las Vegas.