Honda Motorcycles Las Vegas

For a long time, Honda was an underdog compared to other motorcycle manufacturers, but alas it has beaten all the odds to become a solid competitor in the world of motorcycle production. Honda offers a broad range of motorcycles from touring bikes, sports bikes, and cruisers in big and small sizes. Popular for its release of the CBR sports bike like the CBR1000RR, touring mounts like the Gold Wing and its Shadow cruiser line, Honda Motorcycle Las Vegas offer a range of bikes for nearly every dirt discipline. Their CRF motocrossers are preferred by many MX and SX RACERS. Honda also produces ATV’s, Side-by-sides, and scooters.


Honda dominance

In early 2017 Honda released their new motorcycle the RC213V-S at the Circuit de Barcelona in Cataluña.A beast compared to others of its class. This is just a show of might in releasing a beast to be ridden even by motorcycle enthusiasts who are not Moto GP racers. Honda has a winning mentality that has been bestowed by a corporate philosophy which states that only winning is allowed. They have a structure that focuses on winning and have created an ethic to all their employees that only focuses on the same. Honda is all about passion, and that is what makes them a formidable competitor to wealthier opponents like Harley Davidson. Honda Motorcycle Las Vegas is determined to fulfill the needs of customers and has a tradition of excellence which they uphold. Honda focuses on performance first before anything else.

Honda Technology

With the vast experience of 60 years in the motorcycle industry, it is not a surprise to see what they have achieved in motorcycle technology. From the chassis to engine design and engine technology, Honda motorcycles are among the most advanced motorcycles around. Some of the innovations that they have made are:

• The Electronic Steering Damper system on their CBR 600RR and CBR 1000RR,
• The Unit-Pro Link Suspension on the company’s dirt bike models,
• Programmable Fuel Injection
These among other inventions have made them a formidable force to reckon with. They have some of the best safety features to make you as safe as it gets when riding a motorcycle. This is demonstrated by the introduction of the Airbag System in the Gold wing motorcycle models. Honda motorcycles have been designed to reduce their risk in affecting the environment.Environmental protection policies are reflected by their passing the California Air Resource Board that is the strictest in matters environment pollution. And this was even before they had to be questioned.

The RC213V-S

If you love motorcycles, you definitely will want to have this bike. The Honda RC213V-S uses a 1000cc displacement engine with 90-degree V-4 and a 360-degree crank and driven cams. The same engine was used in winning titles in the 2013 and 2014 seasons. The engine breaking has a four-way adjustable system that works in conjunction with the Honda Selectable Torque Control. This motorcycle has the best suspension that will ever be experienced outside a Moto GP track.