Suzuki Motorcycle Las Vegas

When you want to a standard Suzuki Motorcycle Las Vegas, new or old, dealerships are the best way to go. At BBV SuperSports in Las Vegas, we have a selection of the top Suzuki naked bikes to navigate the city. Suzuki has really outdone themselves with upgrades to their naked bikes that put them squarely in the race. An example is the powerful Suzuki GSX-S750, a middleweight class naked bike that seems to have all you want on a motorcycle. Suzuki has shown their race winning heritage, superior engine performance (cue the 16-year-old SV engine), and stuck to their guns to produce high speed maneuverable naked bikes. And with new features being added such as traction control, ABS and adjustable rear suspension, the sky is the limit for Suzuki. Without further ado, the best Suzuki naked bikes in Las Vegas;


Suzuki GSX-S750

The 2016 Suzuki GSX-S750 borrows its inspiration for the design from its predecessor the GSX-S1000 although it is smaller and nimbler. This Suzuki stays faithful to the GSX-S brand with superior performance and outstanding design. It is a beauty to look at and a beast on the asphalt. Its K5 GSX-R750 engine now producing 84kW output from the previous 78kW and shorter gear ratios make it a naked superbike. The engine is a four stroke inline engine with 750cc displacement and liquid cooling.It has a six-speed transmission with inverted telescopic front forks and a link type rear suspension. These coupled with front and rear disc brakes and new Traction Control have improved its handling. Navigating the streets of Las Vegas with a 4.6-gallon tank and 50mpg consumption under the skies has never been more enjoyable.

Suzuki SV650

A thrilling little bike, the 2016 SV650 coming in with an undercutting $8250 price tag challenges older rivals and delivers excellent suspension and a decent engine. It uses the SV engine with 645cc displacement to produce 75bhp and 47ft-lb. Of torque. It’s revving power has been increased to 8100 rpm. You can switch to Low RPM mode which makes it easier to pull away or ride at low speed; this can be useful on urban Las Vegas roads. The ride is more comfortable with ABS installed and effective non-adjustable forks. ABS comes as a standard unlike the Kawasaki ER-6n or Yamaha MT-07 where you have to forego ABS to match the price.

Suzuki GSX-R 750

The Suzuki GSX-R750 comes at a high $12,999 price tag but backs it up with superior performance and agility. With a horizontal inline 4-stroke engine with four cylinders, this 750 cc beast will ensure you have a breathtaking ride. Suzuki has relied on their great heritage of high performance and combined with its lightweight, compact build; the R750 is perfect for both new and seasoned riders. You can control the power delivery using the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector and toggle the six-speed transmission. When looking for a naked Suzuki motorcycle in Las Vegas, be sure not to overlook this machine. It uses dual 310mm front disc brakes and a Nissin single-piston caliper rear brake of 220mm. With an electric starter and a 4.49-gallon fuel tank, cruising down The Strip on this bike is pure bliss.