Ural Motorcycle Las Vegas

BBV Powersports is an official distributor of Ural motorcycles in Las Vegas. Ural is the leading brand for sidecar motorcycles since 1941. This sidecar motorcycle is capable to take on all terrains on the open road. Ural motorcycles set themselves apart from other types of motorcycle brands. It attaches a sidecar to the motorcycle for a safer and enjoyable ride.

Ural motorcycles excel in open terrains and cross-country trips. The sidecar that’s attached to the motorcycle provides more space than a typical motorcycle. A spare tire, trunk space and passenger seat are all standard for Ural motorcycles. Riding these bikes is an easy and enjoyable experience for the rider!

Ural Motorcycle Las Vegas BBV Powersports

Types Of Ural Motorcycles

Ural motorcycles have different types of bikes to choose from! Each type of motorcycle serves a different purpose that you might enjoy.

  • Ural CT: this powerful motorcycle comes standard with a powered outlet sidecar and sidecar tonneau cover. With a 749cc motor, it cruises steadily between 65 and 75 mph. However, it’s powerful 42 ft. lbs. @ 4300 RPM low-end torque provides the best performance for sidecar steering dynamics. Ural CT tops out at 41 HP @ 5500 RPM max horsepower.
  • Ural Sportsman SE: this type of bike is designed for the outdoors person in mind. It’s more than capable to drive through snow, rain and mud. The 749cc motor produces 41 HP @ 5500 RPM max horsepower. It tops out at 42 ft. lbs. @ 4300 RPM max torque to power through all open terrains.
  • Ural Sahara SE: for anyone looking for a smooth ride then consider the Ural Sahara SE. It’s equipped with a double-sided swing-arm with two Sachs hydraulic spring shock absorbers in the rear suspension. The sidecar suspension has a single-sided swing-arm with Sachs hydraulic spring shock absorber. Both the rear and sidecar suspension is 5x adjusted to provide a comfortable ride.

Ural Motorcycle Las Vegas

Ural Features & Specs

New updates are coming to all 2022 Ural motorcycles. Expect a new 2-into-1 exhaust system that includes a high mount silencer. A new higher standard rear-braking system is also coming! All bikes are equipped with two-piston Brembo brake calipers. A new standalone mechanical parking brake caliper is also included in every bike. Heidenau tires will now be standard for all Ural Motorcycles.

Heidenau tires have set the standard for handmade quality tires for motorcycles. Each tire produced is made with the highest performance, longevity and value. Enthusiasts can also enjoy an updated intake manifold with barbed vacuum ports inside the engine. The update to the intake manifold helps those that like to go on long rides. New high intake pistons are also added to ensure longevity to your Ural motorcycle. Lastly, a new center stand with a forged aluminum front swing arm will be included.

Ural Motorcycle Technology

Ural motorcycles have paved the way for sidecar motorcycle technology. Ural was founded in 1941 to help the military during WWII. Since day one Ural had the goal to create the best sidecar motorcycle for battle. Ever since that day, Ural has excelled in producing sidecar motorcycles. Today, Ural is led by a small team based in Redmond, Washington. All worldwide distribution and production come from its factory in Irbit, Russia. Any new ideas are first tested and implemented before selling them to the public. Every gear is refined to ensure the highest quality for customer satisfaction. Contact the official distributor of Ural motorcycles BBV Motorsports to see one!