BMW Motorcycles Las Vegas

BMW motorcycles are produced under BMW Motorrad brand, an affiliate of the original manufacturing company. The manufacturer of the BMW motorcycles started a long time ago including during World War 2. BMW has released a series of motorcycles with different variances. BMW Motorcycle Las Vegas has improved sales due to the consistency of the BMW motorcycle production. Since 2004 they have released the K-Series, R series, F series, G series, HP2 series, S1000RS. BMW Motorcycle Las Vegas currently has four lines of motorcycles:

• F and G series– F series was launched as the F650 IN 1994 and redesigned in 2000. G series composed of off-road motorcycles was released in 2006. G450x sport was released in 2007 containing improvements over the Japanese brand of motorcycles.
• F series twins– the F800S sports bike and F800ST sports tourer were released in 2006 with a 798cc parallel twin engine hence their name.
• R series flat-twins- built around a horizontally opposed flat-twin engine. They include; airheads and oil head.
• K series straight engines– have water-cooled engines of three (K75), or four (K100, K1100, K1200, K1300), or six (K1600) cylinders.


BMW Technology

BMW has joined forces with Lego to create a flying motorcycle concept called the Hover Ride. Designers used a Lego Technic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure kit parts to create a flying motorbike Lego model. Of course, it is just a futuristic model to show how BMW has developed technologically. This, of course, comes after their release of a super-safe motorcycle concept that can’t fall over.

BMW motorcycle production

Most of the current crop of BMW motorcycles were designed by David Robb. The most popular motorcycle in the BMW series is the R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure that sold 28% of annual production. BMW entered the off-road scene with their BMW G450X motorcycle.

1. C SERIES– they are maxi-scooters with the name Urban Mobility Vehicles given by BMW.
2. S SERIES– S1000RR sports bike that has a transverse-mounted, 999cc inline-four engine. Models include the S1000R and S1000XR.

BMW uses a three-segment nomenclature for motorcycles. The first indicating the engine type, the second indicating engine displacement approximation in cubic centimeters and the third indicating class of motorcycle.
BMW engine types include:

R– air-cooled, horizontally opposed 2-cylinder.
K– water-cooled, inline 3, 4 or 6 cylinder
F– water cooled, vertical cylinder, vertical 2-cylinder after 2006.
G– water cooled, vertical 1-cylinder
S– water-cooled, inline 4-cylinder superbike

BMW Racing

BMW enters its motorcycles in the rigorous motor event, the Dakar Rally that includes participants of both car and trucks. The event is carried out on the African and European soil. BMW motorcycles have been victorious six times. They also introduced the BMW S1000RR to compete in the Superbike World Championship. With the continued competition from other motorcycle manufacturers that is never ending BMW has emerged as a heavyweight with the kind of bikes they build for races by trying to make them as safe as possible. They will definitely be there as the battle of inventions to create better motorcycles intensifies. A BMW motorcycle is what you have to get in Las Vegas because of its technology and power.