Motorcycle Repair Las Vegas

You love your motorcycle and do your best to keep it running smoothly. This doesn’t mean it will stay forever without needing repairs. The brake pads need to be changed every once in awhile, and you can get a puncture or oil leak. When in Las Vegas, these repairs are necessary especially if you ride on the long tarmac roads that are melting from the desert sun. Motorcycle Repair Las Vegas need not be a problem when you are in our safe hands. At BBV PowerSports, we have the necessary skills and tools to get your bike back on the road. Here are some of the repairs needed on a motorcycles and why they happen;

Mechanical motorcycle repairs

These are parts of the motorcycle which are constantly moving such as the clutch, brake shoes, brake pads and engine parts. Most of these repairs are needed due to wear as a result of friction. They include:
• Gearbox failure
Over time, the parts in the gearbox will be subject to stress and wear. Stripped gears and a broken chain are common. Also, the selector forks can become bent from wrongly shifting gears without holding the clutch. Without these repairs, you will soon find yourself stranded on the roadside.
• Clutch and brake pads replacements
Brake pads often need to be changed, unlike the clutch because of regular use. Clutch failures often result from a broken cable and of course, worn out clutches. Also, if your master or slave cylinders are leaking, the clutch can be rendered useless until repairs are done.

Engine problems

Whether your motorcycle has a carburetor or is fuel injected, the hoses running fluid to these parts can leak or dry out. Carburetors also need regular cleaning. Otherwise, the fuel delivery system will be ineffective. There are also electronic problems that cannot be avoided and require professional assistance from Motorcycle Repairs Las Vegas. Another common engine problem is the dirty spark plug which is caused by a flooded engine. This will prevent your motorcycle from starting. Some of these problems like the spark plug or carburetor can be handled by the owner, but most engine problems will need a professional to fix them.

Body maintenance

Body problems will vary depending on the use. For example, dirt-bikes and superbikes need different body work repairs. Some common body problems include;

• Punctured tires
Getting a puncture is mostly out of your control. You might hit a pothole or prick your tires against a sharp object. But most times, regular maintenance such as checking the tires will help avoid this problem.

• Damaged gas tank
If the motorcycle has crashed, you can experience a leak from the tank getting punctured. If a punctured gas tank is not repaired in time, you might need to replace it entirely.

• Dented body work
The same case applies to dents when the bike is crashed. It is nearly inevitable to get a dent. Dents can be fixed if the body is made of metal. If on the other hand, it has fiberglass parts, they need to be replaced.