Surron Storm Bee

Surron Storm Bee

Surron Storm Bee Las Vegas

Surron Storm Bee fuses together some of the best features of its top-tier models at an affordable price! With a powerful brushless electric motor, it speeds up to 0-80mph in a whopping 3.6 seconds. If you’re looking for a Surron Storm Bee in Las Vegas, then visit BBV Powersports!

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Surron Storm Bee Specs & Features

Motor Type: Liquid-cooled, brushless electric (BLDC) motor
Top Speed: 68 + mph
Rated Voltage: 104V (DC)
Rated Power/Peak Power: 10,000W/22,500W
Controller Type: FOC Sine Wave
Peak Torque: 383 ft-lbs
Max Range: 75 miles @ 31 mph
Drive: 530 O-ring Chain
Battery Type: 104V/55Ah Lithium Ion
Charger: 10A
Charging Time: 4 hours
USB Connection Type: Single USB-2.1A Outlet
Front Suspension: 47 mm inverted fork, 290 mm travel, adjustable
Rear Suspension: Fully adjustable monoshock, 290 mm wheel travel
Front Wheel: 21″ wire-spoked rim, 80/100-21 off-road tire
Rear Wheel: 18″ wire-spoked rim, 100/90-18 off-road tire
Curb Weight: 280 lbs
Max Load: 220 lbs
Vehicle Dimensions: 81.9 x 31.7 x 48.8”
Minimum Ground Clearance: 12.2″
Wheelbase: 56.3″
Seat Height: 37″
Riding Modes: Sport, Rain, Eco, Turbo
Rider Aids: ASR (Acceleration Slip Reduction, a.k.a. traction control), BERS (Brake Energy Regenerative System)
Reverse Gear: Button-activated
Surron Storm Bee

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BBV Powersports has Surron Storm Bees for sale in Las Vegas. We’re the only official distributor of this premium brand. Whether you’re looking for this specific off-road electric bike or another one, we can help. Be sure to visit our location to see and experience the difference between Surron electric bikes and its competitors.

High Tech Controller For Extended Battery Life

The Surron Storm Bee Controller is designed for peak performance. The temperature sensors automatically detect any excess heat and adjusts the output power to deliver maximum safety and efficiency. Not only does extend the battery life, but it also prevents any issues with electromagnetic interference. Electromagnetic interference is when external electrical signals disrupt the functioning of electronic devices. This interference can cause glitches, malfunctions, or even complete shutdowns in sensitive systems. However, with the Surron Storm Bee Controller’s advanced technology, this problem is effectively eliminated.

High tech controller
surron suspension

Speed Through Tough & Soft Terrains

The Surron Storm Bee is an ultimate thrill ride for off-road enthusiasts, as it effortlessly conquers tough and soft terrains with its powerful performance. What sets this electric dirt bike apart from the rest is its individually adjustable suspension system, which ensures a smooth and controlled ride regardless of the terrain you find yourself in.

When tackling tough terrains such as rocky paths or steep slopes, the Surron Storm Bee’s adjustable suspension system allows riders to customize their ride experience. Whether you prefer a softer or stiffer suspension setup, you can easily adapt the bike to optimize your comfort and control.

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Visit BBV Powersports today to learn more about Surron Storm Bees. We carry Storm Bees and all types of Surron Bikes in our inventory. We’re the only distributor of these premium bikes. These bikes are tested and dialed in after years of test riding and experimentation.

When you own a Surron Bike, you’ll get the peace of mind knowing that you have a sturdy, durable and reliable bike. Be sure to visit BBV Powersports today to see our bikes.

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