Braaap Las Vegas

Braaap motorcycles in Las Vegas are perfect for outdoor riding! Braaap motorcycles cover dirt, electric and road bikes to master all types of terrains. When you’re looking to step up your outdoor adventures then go with Braaap motorcycles in Las Vegas. BBV Powersports has the finest selection of Braaap motorcycles. We are an official distributor of Braaap motorcycles in Las Vegas! Get in touch with us today to find the best motorcycle for your lifestyle!

Braaap Dirt Bike Features

MX-110F Braaap Dirt Bike – features a single-cylinder 110cc engine, 4-speed semi-automatic transmission, adjustable shock absorbers, hydraulic disc brakes and an electric kick starter. The MX-110F Braaap dirt bike is perfect for young kids learning how to ride a dirt bike for the first time! Its design is perfectly shaped for younger kids.

MX-125F Braaap Dirt Bike – features a single-cylinder 125cc engine, 4-speed manual transmission, fully adjustable front and rear suspension, reinforced Chromoly frame, 14” front tires and 12” rear tires. The MX-125F Braaap dirt bike powers through dirt, rain, snow and mud terrains. Making it the perfect dirt bike at an incredible price.

MX450 Braaap Dirt Bike – this is the best Braaap dirt bike money can buy. It features a 449cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, 4-speed manual transmission, 43 HP, Fastace 48mm inverted fork front suspension and Fastace single shock rear absorber with an airbag. This MX450 Braaap dirt bike went under 4 years of testing to master every terrain!

Braaap Electric Motorcycles Specs

Braaap is making innovations in the electric bike and motorcycle industry. The E-MTB Braaap electric bike has a full alloy frame, hydraulic disc brakes, 9-speed automatic transmission and a battery-powered motor. Minimal peddling is needed to get the E-MTB electric bike going! Just peddle to get it started and let the battery-powered motor do the rest for you.

On the other hand, if you want excitement in an electric motorcycle then consider the MotoE electric motorcycle from Braaap. You have the choice of a 5,000W, 8,000W or 10,000W battery-powered motorcycle. Depending on the battery type, you can easily reach up to 80 miles per hour! This electric motorcycle is revolutionizing electric motorcycles and putting a stop to excess gas usage.

Braaap Motorcycles USA Parts Las Vegas

Get Braaap motorcycles USA parts from BBV Powersports! We have an in-house department for parts and mechanical services. Our technicians are master mechanics that work on all types of makes and models for Braaap motorcycles. Whether you want to bring in your dirt bike or motorcycle for repair, we can help you!

The service team at BBV Powersports handles engine rebuilds, brake changes, oil changes, tune-ups and more! Our technicians take pride in helping every customer with their needs. They’ll never recommend an unnecessary service to drive up costs. When you let us work on your Powersports vehicle you’ll get honest service! Get in touch with us today to schedule your service appointment.

Braaap Motorcycles For Sale in Las Vegas

Looking for Braaap motorcycles for sale in Las Vegas? Contact BBV Powersports! Our used motorcycle dealership is an official distributor of Braaap motorcycles in Las Vegas. We’ll gladly work with you to find the best motorcycle within your budget! We recommend the Cruiser 400 Braaap motorcycle. This cruiser includes a 400cc water cooling engine, 18.6/8300 pounds of torque, hydraulic USD suspension and a top speed of over 85 mph.

If you’re interested in the Cruiser 400 Braaap motorcycle or similar bikes then visit BBV Powersports. We have tons of options to choose from for motorcycles. Get in touch with us today to see Braaap motorcycles in Las Vegas.