Choosing the Right Seat for Your Motorcycle

Choosing the right seat for your motorcycle

Motorcycles usually come with stock, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts installed right out of the factory! The problem with this is, unlike headlights and gears that are more practical than used for comfort, motorcycle seats are all about comfort! Not all riders are built the same, so why would stock seats be one-size-fits-all? Luckily, changing the seat out on your ride is an easy swap! At BBV Powersports, we know that choosing the right seats, OEM or aftermarket, that are customizable have their advantages because they are made for style, comfort, and function! Need help choosing the right seat for your motorcycle?

Reasons for Buying a New Seat

There are plenty of reasons to look into buying a new seat for your motorcycle. While the stock seat works just fine to get you home from the dealer, it might not be the most comfortable for the way that you ride! Finding the right kind of seat for your ride depends on what kind of motorcycle you have. Do you have a cruiser? Chopper? Dirtbike? Sportbike? Is your motorcycle a wide bike? Is it narrow?

Stylistically, some seats look better on bikes than others. For example, a sprung saddle may not look great on every bike. If you care about what your ride looks like, you might take this into consideration.

More importantly, though, you should take comfort into consideration. Riding around on a seat that isn’t comfortable won’t be very enjoyable and this could cut your ride short.

What Style Seats Are There?

There are different motorcycle seat options that you can choose from depending on what kind of bike you have. You can choose from:

Sport Seats are made with performance in mind. Sport seats generally go on sport bikes which are built for speed and they have sophisticated suspension systems. Sport seats aren’t necessarily the best for long distances and they won’t be very comfortable for long rides.
• ADV Seats are commonly found on dual-sport bikes that require seats that are versatile. ADV seats are designed for sport riders that need a seat that can get them through commenting, off-roading, and canyon rides comfortably.
Touring Seats are designed to be incredibly comfortable over long, long distances. Touring seats are generally wider and less maneuverable than most seats and they add weight to your bike. That being said, they are very comfortable for long rides.
• Cafe Seats are classic seats that are thin and narrow for optimal mobility that look great on scramblers and racers.
Ultimately, this decision will come down to what’s practical and what feels good. If you want to see first hand which saddle is right for you, stop by BBV Powersports today,