Motorcycle Gears Beginners Have to Know About

Motorcycle Gears Beginners Have to Know About

If you’re beginning your journey on biking, you’re probably interested in what gears you need to buy. That’s a fair question as boots, gloves, jackets, and helmets can all vary. In fact, you’d be surprised to know that one of the most frequently asked questions here is about motorcycle gears. People want to know what’s the best accessories to use when they’re starting their journey in biking. So, we’re here to let it easy for you!


According to Dietmar Otte, approximately 45% of helmet impacts happen around the face which is in the area that’s not covered by an open face. When it comes to safety, you really want to use a full-face helmet. One other thing that you can benefit from this is that they keep the wind and bugs away from your face.

If you’ve gotten in a crash, toss your helmet and replace it. Typically, helmets are designed to last about five years until it’s time for you to retire them. Treat it with care, and make sure you don’t drop them!


Many bikes are about 350 lbs. With all that weight, you’ll need support that can evenly distribute your feets, ankles, and legs, especially in irregular, uneven surfaces. When it comes to purchasing boots, we suggest for a minimum that is oil-resistant, good ankle support and non-slip soles.


When it comes to riding a bike, your hands contribute to necessity and extreme fragility. Because you need them to do many things, you’ll need protection. When looking for gloves, find ones that fully cover your wrists, back of the hands, palm, and fingers. When you’re wearing your jacket and gloves, you shouldn’t see exposed skin between the two gaps.


If possible, purchase one of these as they’re designed for protection and comfort. A full head-to-toe coverage is best when you’re avoiding crashes and other elements you come across. One good investment is a jacket and pants that zip together. With such a suit, you’ll find excellent flexibility.


A jacket is a protection to the body. In a sense, it keeps all the fun stuff like organs, ribs, back, and arms in tact. When it comes to comfort and safety, a jacket is a must-have in all your motorcycle gear. We highly suggest high-quality textile for that matter.