Proper Motorcycle Storage for the Winter

Proper Motorcycle Storage for the Winter

If you want to keep your motorcycle, know how to properly store it so you can use it next season as good as new!

How to Store a Motorcycle Properly

When the cold season hits, some riders get to choose if they either want to keep their motorcycles or if they want to continue hitting the roads. If you are the former, then you should know how to store it properly during winter so you can make sure that it will stay in good shape when you use it again when the weather permits! Here are some tips on how to properly store your motorcycle for the winter.

1. Have a storage facility

The extreme temperature can lead to physical damage such as cracking and corrosion. Cover the bike with a dust cover and avoid plastic as it could trap moisture against the bike.

2. Have insurance

Double check if your insurance covers the bike year-round and while in storage.

3. Oil and filter change

A fresh oil and filter will be helpful in preventing any sludge or contaminants in the oil from building up. Now is the best time to replace in-line fuel filters and crankcase breather filters.

4. Charge the battery

You can remove the battery and store in a cool, dry place, or leave in the bike with the same charge preservation options.

5. Apply protective coating

Use plastic, rubber, and vinyl exposed materials and make sure to lubricate cables, pivots, and controls according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

6. Inflate the tires

Keep the tires in normal pressure and depending on how you parked it, you have to move the bike a bit to keep flat spots from forming on the tires.

The Bottom Line

Give your motorcycle its well-deserved break and don’t let it succumb to the cold months! A proper long-term winter motorcycle storage will surely add years of life to your bike and make spring riding a lot more enjoyable!