Riding a Honda Motorcycle Around the Backcountry

Riding a Honda Motorcycle Around the Backcountry

Hopping on my Honda Motorcycle this week and ready to take on the backcountry of Las Vegas!  Yes, there is actual backcountry in Las Vegas!  It’s not just the Strip.  As you know this is not for the fair-weather rider.  Challenging trails and challenging weather keep you on the alert.  I prefer to do these rides with my fellow riders in case something runs amok.   Anything from mud, sand, gravel, or flash flooding conditions can de-moto you.  However, this is my absolute favorite type of ride because the unexpected can and will happen.  There’s never a dull moment in the backcountry!  Your Honda Motorcycle will not fail you.

Don’t Sweat the Backcountry on a Honda Motorcycle

After 20 years of riding my Honda Motorcycle off the pavement I’ve come across many riders who hesitate to adventure down the back roads fearing emergencies or problems the can’t overcome.  I get it, believe me.  For one thing, you have to pack your bike totally differently and there’s always a question of how much gas you’ll need.  I’m hoping I can inspire you to take the road less traveled on your bike.  You’ve got some reservations I’m sure but I’m going to try to tempt you off street and get your Honda Motorcycle where it truly wants to ride.

Reasons Why Your Honda Motorcycle Wants to Challenge You

Your Honda Motorcycle exists to break you out of your routine.  The city street is routine, even the streets of Las Vegas.  The neighborhood is routine.  Find an unknown trail and you will find your wind.  You will find your break from the ordinary.   And what about nature?  You need beauty, not asphalt.  Breathe in land that hasn’t been tampered with and we all know it will be tampered with and built upon soon enough.  It’s a genuine feeling to grace ground that is untouched.  How about meeting friends?  Meeting new pals at bars is so passé, right?  When you are challenging difficult trails head on, friends become the bridge to the other side.  Twelve heads are better than one.  And lastly, rural economies can’t survive without explorers and true naturists, buying from local businesses on the backside.

With all of these legitimate reasons to ride the backcountry, there is one very personal reason.  You must test your own survival skills.  You’ve got to know that you’ve “got this” and that you are in top physical shape.  If you cannot adapt and keep your calm in times of stress, you’re well-being and very life will be in danger.

The Excitement and Pride of Honda Motorcycle Ownership

Riding on the asphalt is a trip, yes.  Beauty is all around us here in Las Vegas and nearby, including the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon.

Yes, they are all epic.  But I’d rather discover new beauty and know that I discovered it, perhaps not first, but as one of the chosen few.