Best Motorcycle Brands For Long Road Trips

Best Motorcycle Brands For Long Road Trips

The holiday season is finally here, so it’s time to visit family. Depending on where your family lives, you may have a long road trip ahead. When taking on the open road, there are a few things to keep in mind, including your bike. We’ll go over the best motorcycle brands for long road trips.

Road Trip Checklist

Before hitting the road, you must check your ride and see if it’s ready. Start by checking the lights on your motorcycle. The lights on your bike ensure that other drivers can see you during late-night rides. It also provides visibility for elements that come your way, like narrow roads or wild animal encounters.

The next item to check is the quality of your tires. Bald tires or low tire pressures can be dangerous for a long road trip. Lastly, check the brakes on your motorcycle. Brakes prevent you from possibly hitting or colliding with something on the road. If your bike needs servicing, then contact a motorcycle service center.

Ural Motorcycles

Ural Motorcycles is one of the best motorcycle brands for long road trips. Each motorcycle comes standard with Brembo brake calipers. Brembo is one of the best brake systems in the motorcycle industry. Ural Motorcycles also include a sidecar with each bike. This is perfect for having a passenger or using it as storage space.

Ural Motorcycles is known to take on all open road terrains. The 2022 models come with Heidenau Tires that easily shred through most terrains. One of the biggest reasons this is a great bike for long road trips is its fuel economy. Riders can expect 31-37 mpg.

BMW Motorcycles

The BMW G series is another excellent option for the best motorcycle brands for long road trips. The G series is an all-purpose bike that elevates the rider’s experience. The bike can take on off-road and on-road terrains easily. Each bike is carefully designed for optimal aerodynamics.

BMW bikes are produced under the BMW Motorrad brand. It’s one of the longest-lasting brands since WWII. Riders can expect at least a 71 mpg fuel economy. Making it perfect for fewer gas stops! The BMW G Series comes with a stylish look that demands attention on the road. This bike has easy handling and maneuverability that any rider can control.

Honda Motorcycles

Honda motorcycles are one of the best motorcycle brands for long road trips. Backed with 60 years of experience, Honda motorcycles are perfect for trips. The CBR 1000RR model comes standard with an Electronic Steering Damper System. This system reduces excessive steering movement by attaching a damper to the motorcycle forks and frames.

Every road is different, so having the Electronic Steering Damper System helps with any open road issues. Be sure to visit a motorcycle dealer in Las Vegas if you are interested in any of these brands mentioned. The best motorcycle experience ultimately makes the best motorcycle for long road trips.