5 Fall Motorcycle Riding Tips 

5 Fall Motorcycle Riding Tips

Riding your motorcycle this fall might be the last chance you get before you pack your bike up for the Winter. The cool days and scenic routes can make for an amazing ride, but you’ll want to proceed with some caution. Riding your motorcycle in the Fall can come with its own set of challenges. Shorter days and more inclement weather can make for a dangerous ride if you are not careful. Enjoy these 5 Fall motorcycle riding tips from BBV Powersports. 

#1 Plan your ride ahead before you start

The most important of these Fall motorcycle riding tips to remember is to plan accordingly to your ride! You may not be on a road trip, but you don’t want to get caught in the cold. Before you hop on your motorcycle and hit the road, you’ll want to do some prep work. Plan out your ride and make sure that you bring the appropriate gear, take a route that you are very familiar with, and look at the weather forecast. Fall weather has a way of changing quickly, giving us warm mornings and cool, windy evenings.

#2 Look out for leaves

Keep an eye out for dry and wet leaves that fall on the road. Wet leaves are known to be slick, and they can even cover potholes or objects in the road. It helps to take routes that you are familiar with so that you know to expect any bumps or divets.

#3 Beware of slick surfaces

Morning dew and rain can cause roadways to become slick and dangerous. Depending on where you live, you may even experience some snow or ice before winter even hits! When possible, you should always stick to dry paths that will offer your tires more traction.

#4 Dress for the cold

Planning for the cold means that you should bring a versatile pair of clothing with you. You may experience warm afternoons but a sudden drop in temperature once the sun starts to set. If your motorcycle runs into any mechanical issues because of the cold, the last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road fixing your bike in the cold. Leather is your friend and will keep you warm, even on the windiest ride.

#5 Be aware of poor visibility

You should always choose to ride your motorcycle during the day when you are more visible. The sun will set earlier than usual and other motorists may have a harder time seeing you. Choose to ride while the sun is high in the sky and always opt for more reflective clothing or high visibility colors.

if you have any doubts, check out these Motorcycle Safety Tips.