Summer Motorcycle Safety Tips

Summer Motorcycle Safety Trips

Summer has finally arrived and warmer weather has reached us, it’s time to grab your helmet and hit the streets on your motorcycle. The feeling of the cool summer air whipping behind you as you glide down the road on your bike can be truly exhilarating. The freedom of riding your bike down the open road can give you the illusion that you are flying like the wind. With the warmer weather comes more people to share the road with, so it is important to practice BBV Powersports summer safety tips during your ride.

Here Are Some Fundamental Summer Motorcycle Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

Give Your Motorcycle a Good Look Over Before Your Summer Ride

If it’s been a while since you pulled out your motorcycle for a ride, you should take a detailed look at your bike. During the winter months typically people tend to park their motorcycles because of the undesirable riding weather. When your bikes are parked and unridden, routine motorcycle maintenance can be forgotten. Complete a routine check of your motorcycle, take a look at the oil, check your breaks, make sure the horn is working and look for any external damage that might have gone unnoticed during the winter. If you have the time, it is highly recommended you take your motorcycle into the shop for a total maintenance check.

Review Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy

Sometimes with the less frequent rides during the winter, many people forget about their motorcycle insurance policy. Take a look at your policy and be sure everything is current and hasn’t lapsed. It’s always important to make sure you have your coverage all up to date, for your protection as well as others. You should review your policy and update any upgrades you may have added to your bike, to increase your policy coverage to match the value of your bike.

Cooler Motorcycle Gear For The Summer

When the sun is beating down your back as you breeze through the warm win, you may start to think, “Wow, I’m hot”…… and also the temperature is really warm. With warmer weather, your winter motorcycle apparel just won’t cut it. Its time to invest in some cooler summer bike wear. While you shop for cooler clothing to wear on your ride, consider your safety, try shopping at a motorcycle store for your summer wear. Shopping at a motorcycle store will ensure you are buying safe summer wear which will also protect you during your ride.

Look Over Your Helmet

Your helmet is one of the most crucial safety items you will use during your ride. Helmets don’t last forever, so after a few years of wear, you may consider replacing your helmet. If you notice any deep scratches or broken outer shell, its important to have your helmet fixed or replaced. If you are located in a typically warmer climate, a summer helmet may be a wise investment. Summer helmets are designed to keep you cooler during your ride