4 Most Common Motorcycle Myths Debunked

4 Most Common Motorcycle Myths Debunked

Get over the most common tales in riding and spend the rest of the year enjoying. Find out what are the facts and what the myths in riding a motorcycle!

The Facts and the Myths

Sometimes, people tend to believe in myths because they thought there’s nothing to lose anyway even if they follow them. But if you follow these tales, you might actually put yourself in more danger. Here are the four most common motorcycle myths we’ve debunked for you.

1. Helmets contribute to breaking your neck in an accident

It is a myth that helmets will only increase the weight of the head and can cause it to bump around with more force. But studies and statistics prove that helmets come with abilities to absorb the impact caused by a crash, including the weight of the head.

2. Helmets block your ability to see or hear danger

By wearing a helmet, it actually does the opposite. The visor provides eye protection from the wind and debris so you can see better. It also decreases the noise and wind pressure on the head so you can hear better.

3. Loud pipes make riding safer

Just because loud pipes can catch the attention of pedestrians and motorists on the road doesn’t mean you’re safer. It will only scare or upset them. Wearing bold colors on your helmet and gear will be more effective.

4. Racing tires are safer than road tires

Racing tires might work well on dry roads but when it starts to rain, don’t expect to be still safe. Street tires are more versatile since they have more stability and produce greater wet-weather performances.

The Bottom Line

Sure, it is better to be safe than sorry. But it is never advisable to believe in myths even outside the motorcycling sphere. So to better enjoy your riding experience, double check the facts first!