5 Best Places to Visit on a Motorcycle

5 Best Places to Visit on a Motorcycle

There’s nothing like feeling the wind against the skin as you ride the road with pride. And if there’s anything more enjoyable than a ride, it’s a scenic route from left to right. Check out the following popular destinations motorcyclists like to visit! Let us know if you’ve been to at least one of them.

California Route 58

It’s a 71-mile ride filled with twisting and turning as it cuts through the wheat-colored mountains of Central California. It’s almost as though you’re on a rollercoaster ride for the group of motorcyclists coming together.

U.S. Route 33

Don’t get this one confused with California’s Route 33.  This 65-mile stretch goes through Shenandoah Valley between Virginia and West Virginia. With this ride, you’ll be taken through challenging turns and breathtaking mountain passes.

California Route 2

This is so close to Los Angeles, making it a favorite destination for many two-wheeled riders. This slices through the beautiful Angeles National Forest and dots along La Canada. Along this road, you’ll be taken to Wrightwood, with sweeps you in gradual elevation changes.

U.S. Route 12

If you want views of rolling forests, rivers, and historical backgrounds, this is where you need to be. It’s 40 miles away from Missoula, Montana, which makes you appreciate the sport.

Beartooth Highway

This U.S. Highway 212 is connected to Cooke City and Red Lodge. It’s one of those zig-zagging roads that will make you truly appreciate one of the most incredible views in the world. One of the most rewarding parts about riding this road is that it leads you to Yellowstone National Park. Still, in winter, remember to keep yourself warm!