5 Motorcycle Riding Tips in Autumn

5 Motorcycle Riding Tips in Autumn

November is an incredible month for riding, especially in Las Vegas, where we leave the hot summer months behind. At BBV Powersports, the leading Las Vegas motorcycle dealership, we like to remind riders to keep their wits about them as the seasons change to keep safe when motorcycle riding tips for riding in the autumn. While Las Vegas may have milder weather in the fall than other parts of the country, it’s still important to approach riding in the fall with caution as you never know what the autumn months in Las Vegas can throw at you, whether it’s rain, wind, or the occasional snowfall.

Look Out for Wet Leaves and Wet Patches

When you’re riding your motorcycle during November and early December, it’s not uncommon to see a lot of inclement weather like high winds and rain. As leaves fall from trees, you may experience more debris and puddles on the road that pose the dangers of fishtailing out of control when you drive through them. To avoid losing control of your motorcycle when driving through wet patches and wet leaves, you want to avoid slamming on the breaks when you approach the water.

Beware of Animals Crossing the Road

In Las Vegas, you don’t really need to worry about any stray or wild animals running into the road unless you’re riding out near Red Rock Canyon, Blue Diamond, or out near Mount Charleston. When you’re riding out near the Red Rock Canyon, there are wild burros, rabbits, and coyotes that you need to watch for. In the autumn months, they can be hard to spot, and you do not want to swerve to avoid them.

Don’t Forget to Wear Leather

Whenever you’re riding your motorcycle, but particularly in the fall, it’s important to remember that a leader can be your best friend. When the temperature begins to drop, and the wind starts to pick up – Las Vegas has notoriously bad winds in the fall – you want to be sure that you are wearing a thick leather jacket to keep the cold air out. When you wear leather on your autumn motorcycle ride, it can cut through the cold air and keep you feeling comfortable for the duration of your ride.

Autumn Nights Are Cool but Beware of the Dark

As we move away from the summer solstice, the days will become shorter and shorter as the sun sets early in the evening. This can make an evening motorcycle ride in Las Vegas very comfortable and enjoyable, but it also makes you more difficult to see. When you’re riding in the dark, other drivers may have a hard time spotting a small motorcycle. If you are riding in the evenings, be sure to wear reflective clothing that makes you easy to spot.

Be Mindful of Frosty Surfaces

As the temperature begins to cool down, you need to be mindful of wet surfaces that have frozen over or become slick and frosty. Las Vegas is a pretty warm place for most of the year, and it can be easy to forget how cold it also gets. BE mindful of any patches in the road that look slick or icy.