5 Types of Bikers You’ll Meet

5 Types of Bikers You'll Meet

Those who’s been riding a bike for a long time will recognize the different personalities of motorcyclists. Some might have a cool demeanor while others no so much. The following are your most common characters that you may have come across.

Posing Charlie

They’re probably a fan of Sons of Anarchy, and they decided to get a bike after the first season. After that, they think they’re the real deal.

You’ll recognize them because their jackets are so fresh and clean, and their bikes are immaculately clean. As in, you could probably eat your meal off the motorcycle, and that would be it’s only blemished.

You’ll usually catch these riders in events showing off their bike, but on a closer look, there are only a couple miles allot of that bad boy. What a shame.

The Romancers

They’re the inseparable partners that can’t get enough of each other. A bike ride is a pleasure especially with all that closeness between them.

It’s no surprise to see them finishing one another’s sentences all the while PDAing in the middle of the street. They’re so in sync with one another, but who can blame them? When you share a love for motorbikes, it doesn’t get any better than that.

The Legends

It’s hard to miss them as they’re the wise men of the road. Call them gurus if you must, but they’ve been around longer than you fell in love with a motorcycle.

They listen to no one as the road is their only guide to life. They’re so in tune with their bikes that they know it by heart. You can almost say that they know it better than themselves.

The legends are not part of any club, but they’re a rider’s epitome of classism. They’re nothing more enthralling than to feel the gust of the wind on their face and the rev of their engine floor the roads of glory.

The Reckless

They’re inexperienced, but they will ride. As some might call them, the squid, but we won’t get to those gory details. We’ll let Google do the work for you.

The bikers that fall into this category as usually young, and often, they don’t have their license just yet. In many cases, they don’t have protective clothing nor respect of the road.

However, not all reckless motorcyclists will remain this way. They’ll eventually grow out of the activity.

The Gadget Fanatic

They love their gadgets, and they’ll take them everywhere. They have the latest GPS systems installed, along with MP3 on their handlebars. The most interesting part, they helmet is incorporated with a GoPro camera. It’s no surprise if one of their helmets comes with a Bluetooth communicator as well.