Best Places to Ride a Motorcycle

Best Places to Ride a Motorcycle

On a motorcycle, the feeling of freedom is never so unfiltered. Enthusiasts stare strong winds in the face sitting atop a metal beast is the modern warrior experience for women and men alike. Riding can be empowering, despite the occasional POV driver not seeing you in their blind-spot or limited space for motorcycles at a restaurant when you are in a group.

Motorcycles might represent individuality and solitude or an “us against the world” adventure for couples, but there are trip planning websites that do cater to motorcyclists and have criteria based on it. A bike can take you just about anywhere a biker might want to go; there are some places that are just that much more motorcycle-friendly to visit.


Specifically along the coast, Washington state offers long stretches of scenic highway that would make the books for any motorcyclist


Colorado is in the midst of a popularity boom, for its exports, its property value, and even the biker community


Between the weather and the view along the Pacific Coast Highway, California offers a motorcyclists’ dream when it comes to powerful scenic views of the Pacific ocean rising up right next to the highway. How euphoric.


Some say the only way to breeze through Texas as a visitor is on a bike, going the speed limit. The Texas State Troopers protect famous highways dotted with ranches that make you want to embrace everything the proud Texans do. Curves, mountains, and a steak to remember smothered in southern hospitality wait for you in the state where bigger is better.

North Carolina

Speaking of southern hospitality, North Carolina is another motorcycle-friendly place offering stretches of scenic highway and iconic landmarks of the US.


Sharing many popular roads with North Carolina, Tennessee is the perfect encore the the NC scenery.


Horses are arguably man’s first motorcycle; it’s no surprise to see horse country Montana make the list for beautiful biker-friendly landscapes and landmarks


Tunnels, curves, and accommodations…Arkansas might not make the news often but it has a special place in its heart for those that ride.

Nova Scotia

When you think of Canada, maybe maple syrup and great healthcare come to mind, but they offer motorcyclists a noteworthy ride in beautiful Nova Scotia.


Last but far from least, Wyoming offers experienced riders a journey not to forget. There’s varying weather and Nature is impartial, but it somehow forges you into a stronger being. It might even be considered a rite of passage by some.

A law-abiding citizen on a motorcycle may roam wherever the wind takes them, and that’s their right. Checking off these biker bucket list locations will make motorcycle life that much more enjoyable.