Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Motorcycle This Year


A new year and a new hobby for you? Know the pros and cons first and get the most out of your two-wheel ride.

How to Choose Your First Motorcycle

A motorcycle can be very versatile. Whether it’s for touring, cruising, sport, or commute, there are lots of options for new riders to choose from that will surely suit their needs. This year, motorcycles are not just for fulfilling necessities, but they also serve as symbols of status and personality. That’s why aside from its features, you should also pay attention to its style and details. Here’s everything you need to know before buying your first motorcycle this year.

1. Enroll for lessons

Before you splurge on a bike and take to the streets, make sure you know how to ride one. Not only you will have the knowledge and awareness about riding but also figure out if you enjoy it or not.

2. Be practical

You can always play safe and stick to entry-level models and gears. But if you think you’re going to do it for a long time, then adding a few extra bucks might take you a long way.

3. There’s no right answer between new or used

Both sides have their own pros and cons. Like a new bike will no doubt be reliable but it comes with a price, while a used one may be a bit of a gamble. So the answer to this question depends on you.

4. Get a bike that fits you

What is a cool-looking, expensive bike if it doesn’t fit you anyway and makes riding an uncomfortable chore to do? Make sure to get what fits you!

The Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing your first bike, you have to remember it is your “first” and not your “last.” You don’t have to jump into high-end and luxurious bikes right away. And you want something that will make you enjoy riding so you can it can lead you to get more bikes in the future!