Experiencing the Thrill of Polaris RZR

Experiencing the Thrill of Polaris RZR

Ready for a legit dirt riot?  I live in Las Vegas but I’m headed to the San Francisco Bay Area right now with my Polaris RZR.  It’s cold and wet there pretty much year round so the rides are stellar!  I’m still breaking in my Polaris RZR, just purchased it not too long ago here in Las Vegas and looking forward to getting out of dodge.  I want to see how it handles itself on the rocks.  A friend tried to talk me into buying a Turbo first, but the RZR is definitely the better option and is more than adequate.

The Polaris RZR Modification ala Me

After purchasing my Polaris RZR, I’m really in tune now with the brand models online and I’m already seeing  great modifications on the web that I’ve been inspired by.  A friend of mine in the bay just completed a deep mod on his and he’s catching eyes and guff all at the same time.  Purists hate the modifications.  I say, create what fits your personality and don’t pay attention to the purists.  Apparently the most modified RZR’s are the Polaris brand because the construction is more malleable.  Budget mods here I come!  First, I’m planning a roll bar reinforcement and light bar, then I’ll gonna drop the back of the cage next.

To the Bay Area and Back Laughlin in No Time Flat

After my Bay trip, I’ll be headed back to Las Vegas and will spend some time in Laughlin.  The Desert Classic there sold me on the Polaris RZR in the first place.  For the second time in a row at a BITD (Best in the Desert Racing Association) race, Polaris RZRs claimed both the Pro Turbo and Pro Production podiums last year.  Funny that I’ve lived in Las Vegas all these years and never stepped foot in Laughlin until that race.  I expect to create some long-lasting memories of my own once I go back.

Connecting with Friends with Polaris RZR’s Ride Command Phenom

Ride Command is this new display feature that was available when I made my purchase.  It’s way more than a GPS.  You can plan rides and invite your friends, check the weather on the dates you want to ride and then coordinate it all through this mechanism.  This is another revolutionary feature and Polaris is the frontrunner.  Once I’m back in Las Vegas, I’ll already be planning my next adventure with my brothers.  Polaris makes it so easy that it’s hard to wait for the next run.  Plus, it’s always a better trip when I’ve got a few of my mentor riders with me.  I’ve learned a ton that way.