How To Be More Visible During Night Riding

How To Be More Visible During Night Riding

As the sun sets earlier and earlier every day, that means that nightfall is a lot quicker. While nightfall shouldn’t keep you from riding, there are a lot of dangers to it. Drivers need to be aware of motorcycle riders to avoid accidents and potential fatalities. In order to prevent any accidents, we’ll be breaking down how to be more visible during night riding.

Night Riding Visibility Benefits

About 72 out of 100,000 motorcycle accidents lead to fatalities. To prevent any injury or death then, motorcycle riders need to be more visible during night riding. Motorcyclists in Las Vegas shouldn’t rely on drivers to always be on the lookout for them. It’s best for the rider to take it upon themselves to become aware of their surroundings and be more visible during night riding. Being more visible can come in the form of wearing reflective gear. Being reflective is especially important during those long night rides. This is just one of the many ways how to be more visible during night riding.

Wear Reflective Apparel

The first tip on how to be more visible during night riding is to wear reflective apparel. This type of reflective equipment works by incorporating fabric that is reflective to light. This is one of the best ways to add visibility during night riding. When someone is on an open dark road, the reflective apparel helps whenever a driver crosses them. The lights from someone else’s vehicle hit the reflective apparel and then shine bright during the night. Reflective apparel can come in reflective motorcycle jackets, gloves, pants, shoes, and helmets. Reflective tape can also be used on a motorcycle to add extra visibility.

Use Your Horn Often

Another way to be more visible during night riding can actually be done without purchasing any equipment. Use your motorcycle horn whenever a driver is getting too close. When a driver hears a motorcycle horn, then it serves as a visual cue for the driver to check their surroundings visually. Thus, making the motorcycle rider more visible during night riding. A motorcycle horn can also save a rider’s life by making a driver look at their blind spots. Whether the motorcycle is a Honda or a different brand, don’t forget to use the horn during night riding.

Add Auxiliary Lights On Your Bike

Auxiliary lights serve as a supplement light source to your motorcycle. It fills in those gaps where a typical motorcycle headlight bulb might leave. This is a sure way to add more visibility for the rider but also for any drivers on the road. Auxiliary lights are great for riders who drive on open terrains or ride a lot during the early morning or late night hours. You can purchase and install them yourself or get a motorcycle service to install them. Overall, auxiliary lights aren’t a necessary thing to install but can add visibility to night riding. It’s best to get LED auxiliary lights as they add the brightest tone for motorcycles. Adding more visibility will help the motorcycle rider see the open and be more visible to opposite-lane drivers.