How To Become A Better Motorcycle Rider

How To Become A Better Motorcycle Rider

We all know the joy that comes with riding a motorcycle on the open road. However, with every ride comes an uncertain danger that comes along with it. In fact, about 5,000 motorcycle fatalities were recorded in 2019. Although these stats do sound scary they shouldn’t discourage you from riding a motorcycle. Here are 6 ways to become a better motorcycle rider.

1. Practice, Practice & Practice

If you’re a new rider, then practice how to take off and come to a stop. The hardest part about riding a motorcycle is putting it into first gear and taking it off, but that’s if your bike is a manual transmission. Practice such a thing at an empty parking lot or even consider taking classes. The next thing to practice is how to do safe turns.

2. Don’t Lane Split

Lane splitting can be very dangerous, especially when riding at higher speeds. Lane splitting is defined as passing another vehicle within the same traffic lane or traveling between two vehicles down the center of a lane. This type of traveling is illegal in the state of Nevada and can result in fines or legal action. Lane splitting can cause accidents and damage to your bike and other vehicles. Make the smart choice, and don’t lane split when riding.

Keep in mind that lane sharing with another motorcycle is legal and shouldn’t be mistaken as lane splitting. Lane sharing is when two motorcycles are riding side by side down one lane.

3. Drive In All Weather Conditions

One of the best ways to become a better motorcycle rider is to ride your bike in all weather conditions. This will give you the experience to handle any situation thrown your way. Whether it be a foggy day or a rainy day, you should experience it. After all, you need to learn how to brake and turn correctly on a slippery or wet road. Nothing is better than confidence behind the throttle. Riding in all conditions can also prepare you for a situation in which you fall off your bike.

4. Allow Enough Distance Between Vehicles

The third tip you need to know is to give enough space between every vehicle. Traffic can stop in an instant, especially on a busy road or highway. Giving enough space to the vehicles in front and behind you will allow enough time to brake in case of an emergency. In fact, when traveling at 70 mph, your bike needs at least 245 feet to brake. That’s over half the size of a football field! The length changes as your velocity increases or decreases. However, one thing that remains constant is the reaction to safely brake in time and prevent accidents.

The same method can be applied whenever switching lanes or allowing another vehicle to merge. Motorcycles are hard to see for vehicles, so give enough space on the road!

5. Maintain Your Bike

As the amount of rides increases, so does the general wear and tear on your motorcycle. Be sure to constantly check your brakes, fluids, oil, and gas every week. Doing basic maintenance on your bike will provide the safest ride. Your brakes are literally controlling your life, so don’t overlook them. See a mechanic like the one at BBV Powersports, or work on your bike yourself!

6. Always Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Lastly, the final tip you need to know to become a better motorcycle rider is to be aware of your surroundings. Always look ahead of you to give yourself enough space to brake in case of an emergency. Also, be aware of the cars behind you as they will need time to react as well. The last thing anyone wants is an accident that results in injury. When riding in residential areas then be aware of the pedestrians or children present.