Kawasaki’s Latest Innovation in Smart Technology

Kawasaki's Latest Innovation in Smart Technology

Kawasaki Motorcycle announced last year in 2016 it’s plans to incorporate artificial intelligence into future motorcycles, with a system that can adapt to its rider’s skill and riding style, communicate with him, and even sense emotions and develop its own personality attributes!  AI is becoming real, people!  Yeah, it’s creepy.  Kawasaki Motorcycle should probably name their AI model after Knight Rider and KIT!

A Controversial ‘Smart’ Technology Led By Kawasaki

Many are excited about this anticipated trend and others aren’t, but either way, get ready for the industry to take another leap forward with this vehicle-related technology.  This world of technology stops for no one so I plan to embrace it.  Kawasaki Motorcycle will be in Las Vegas this year pumping this technology into eager minds.  And speaking of minds, here’s the weirdest part. Kawasaki Motorcyle also plans to incorporate a new “Emotion Engine” into future machines, a robotic “brain” that can sense a rider’s moods and emotions.  Do I mind my bike becoming more and more human?  No, I don’t.  I mean what rider doesn’t consider their Kawasaki Motorcycle their best friend anyway LOL?  The connection between man and machine is about to go to the next level!  This is far out!

Communicating Your Emotions With Thinking Machine Technology

What I’ve been reading so far is that the technology was developed by Japanese company Softbank, and it’s coming to the US later this year.  I’m a betting man and the best odds are that it’s revealed in Las Vegas very early on.  Kawasaki engineers are jumping at the chance to expand and manipulate this thinking machine technology.

Communicating with your Kawasaki Motorcycle i.e. Thinking Machine is going to be a trip to say the least!  Just think about the possibilities.  For instance changing settings with verbal commands instead of flipping through menus will keep your eyes on the road.  Or what about having your bike adapt instantly to your skill, confidence level and riding pace for that particular day!  It feels the way you feel.

The Line Is Blurring Between Man And Machine
The down side, of course, is that by creating machines that adapt to your personality, they lose their own. With some machines in particular like the Kawasaki Motorcycle, the personality of these bikes is exactly what draws riders to them.  That personality is usually mirrored by the rider and adapted by the rider, not the other way around.  That has always been a fun challenge in itself.

But all in all, this is a forward thinking dynamic that thrills me.  Finally some of those retro-future predictions of the 1960s are coming to life.  Let’s hope government greed doesn’t step in to squash the innovation as they typically do.