Maintaining Your Motorcycle

Maintaining Your Motorcycle

Because motorcycles are always exposed, they’re designed to withstand many elements that come their way. However, just like any vehicle, they’ll experience wear and tear in appearance, drivetrain, and chassis. While many manufacturers have their set of rules in maintenance, there’s still a few universal rules to follow when it comes to biking.

Routine Maintenance

All motorcycles require a change of primary and secondary lubricant, transmission lubricant, oil filter, and engine oil. Make sure your mechanic is checking for excessive metal wear when working on the routine procedures. Repairs should always be a priority the moment something arises to prevent bigger issues in the future.

You’ll want to check the spark plugs every few oil changes. Additionally, lubricate the cables utilizing products that are approved by the manufacturer. If applicable, check the hydraulic clutch and brake fluid levels. It’s good to note that you should also look at the condition of your brake pads and replace them if need be.

Chrome and Paint Care

Let’s face it. When you ride, bugs will splatter on your bike which can damage its finish when it’s not addressed property. Due to the acidity that comes from bugs, only use bug-removal products that are approved by your manufacturer. Always wash and wax your bike to maintain its beauty. By doing this, it will prevent erosion and rust from building up.

Use an ideal chrome cleaner to protect your bike from any residue, and it will help displace water. Before beginning with the engine, be sure to remove all fingerprint marks on the exhaust system. This is important to do because the oil found in your print could cause a hotspot that will blue the pipe. In addition to that, do not use products containing ammonia when cleaning your chrome. If so, this will make the chrome to peel and flake.