How to Protect Your Motorcycle From Theft

How to Protect Your Motorcycle From Theft

Motorcycle theft is one of the most heartbreaking and simultaneously infuriating things that can happen to any bike owner. You invest time, money, and hours of your life into finding the perfect motorcycle for you just for some crook to come by and steal your motorcycle. Luckily, there are ways that you can protect your motorcycle from theft before, during, and even after it’s been stolen. Try these tips from BBV Powersports to help your motorcycle safe when you’re away from it.

How Common Is Motorcycle Theft

while motorcycle theft is not insanely common, although it does happen a lot, the reality is that it happens, and it happens to some motorcycles more than others. The theft rate for motorcycles highly depends on where you live, the time of year, and most importantly if you have taken any preventative measures to deter would-be motorcycle thieves.

Where You Live

If you live in California, Texas, or Florida, you live in one of the most at-risk states for motorcycles. This is largely due to the high concentration of people. Inversely, rural areas have less motorcycle crime.

The Most Common Stolen Motorcycles

According to statistics, the most common motorcycles that are stolen rank as follows:

Honda (20%)
Yamaha (16%)
Suzuki (15%)
Kawasaki (11%)
Harley-Davidson (8%)

That’s not surprising when you consider that those are the most popular motorcycle brands in the world. Number 1 is less surprising when you consider that Hondas are also the most-stolen cars in the world.

Why Motorcycles Are Targeted for Theft

Motorcycles are targeted for theft for a few reasons. First, motorcycles are small, easy to hide, sold for parts, and so on. Motorcycles also have a poor recovery rate after they have been stolen. Motorcycles lack the protection that other automobiles do, like lockable doors and windows that keep people away from your ignition!

So it’s important to protect your bike so it isn’t targeted by thieves.

The Best Ways to Protect Your Motorcycle From Theft

Be Proactive

Preventing motorcycle theft is something that you need to be thinking about every time you park your bike. Think to yourself: is it parked in a safe part of town, is there enough light around where you parked to deter theft, have you placed the appropriate locks on it?

If you want to prevent motorcycle theft you will want to invest in a motorcycle cover, chains, and some aftermarket security measures like an ignition killswitch and a GPS tracker.

Covering up your bike, parking in well-lit areas, and never leaving your bike unattended without placing a disk lock or chain on it.

There is a wide selection of products from U-locks, brake locks, disk locks, kill-switches, and GPS systems that will make your motorcycle harder to walk away with.

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