A Rider’s Experience With Harley Davidson Motorcycles

A Rider's Experience With Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Have you heard?  Harley Davidson Motorcycle just announced there will be 50 new models in five years!  I don’t know about you, but I’m already drooling.  And it inspires me to start planning my next cool motorcycle tour.  Living in Las Vegas can be high stress at times so me and my buddies usually have a tour in the works to keep our Harley Davidson Motorcycles on the road.  Don’t misunderstand me though, Las Vegas itself has some great scenic roads.

The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Lives to Tour

The best site my pals and I use to plan our Harley Davidson Motorcycle tours is called the American Byways. The site categorizes roads as National Scenic Byways and All American Roads and you can select the road according to time to travel the road and historical background, with accompanying photos.  There are lots of great recommendations near Las Vegas and beyond.  Check out the sites.  My next tour will definitely be a cross-country trek!

Scenic Touring Across the USA

There’s something nostalgic about touring the USA on my Harley Davidson Motorcycle, but preparation is essential.  What route is the best possible route for epic scenic exploration.  Riding coast-to-coast is a major undertaking creating lifetime memories, so there’s no time like the present!  The USA is a LOT bigger than you think so its time to get out there!  Two weeks to a month is probably the apt timeline.  And just remember a few things while planning your route.

Interstates and freeways provide NO real experience. Yes, it will save you time, but that’s far from the point.  And bring earplugs.  You know your Harley is an volume outlaw and you need to value your hearing.  After all, you love that sound.

Summer’s Coming So Prepare for a Rogue Summer Tour

Summer’s coming and there’s no better vest than the Harley Davidson Motorcycle brand cooling vest.  I’ve got two and yeah, orange is the new black, because you’ll be more visible.  Plan your trip to start in June.  For me it’s a great time to get outta dodge, since Las Vegas is ridiculously hot then.  Route 66 is an ideal decision.  Scenic as anything and that retro flavor that fits well with your Harley Davidson Motorcycle.  Take a ton of photos and stop at every dive and diner along the way.  Most of these diners have the best photographs lining the walls of old school Harley Davidson Motorcycle riders and celebrities that have taken the same route.

Speaking of celebrities, anti-heroes like Steve McQueen personified the image of the old school motorcycle rogue. McQueen was a proud owner of several Harley Davidson Motorcycles.  He toured extensively. I like the comparison and identify with the anti-hero mentality.  Remember the movie Easy Rider with Fonda, Hopper, and Nicholson?  Just throw that in your DVD player and you’ll be on the road by sundown.