Four Different Types of Motorcycles You Need to Try

Four Different Types of Motorcycles You Need to Try

There are six different types of motorcycle categories: Dirtbike, dual purpose, standard, touring, sport, and cruiser. A universal classification system for motorcycles are nonexistent; This all depends on the manufacture and how the vehicle is designed. The following are different types of motorcycles that will help you understand the distinction between all of them.


Standard motorcycles are also known as roadsters or naked bikes. They are general purpose street motorcycles and are versatile in functionality. They are known for their upright seating position and forward leaning sport bikes. You can find the foot pegs right below the rider and the handlebars are high enough so that the user isn’t completely reaching forward. The flexibility of the standard motorcycle, provides lower costs as their engines are perfect for beginners.


These American machines are highly recognized around the 1930s to the late 1960s. Today, Harley-Davidson largely determines the cruiser category with its V-twin engines. This type of motorcycle stands true to its name as its engine makes it easy to maintain control and avoid frequent shifts in order to accelerate.

Sport bike

These bikes focuses on braking, acceleration, and top speed. Often, they are ridden on paved roads, and they are designed for comfort. Many of these bikes are lightweight in the frame to give them a high competitive edge compared to others. In many cases, it’s suspension systems are so advanced to protect the user and maintains its durability.


This type of motorcycle is designed to XL wallcovering long distances. Their engines have large displacements and off for good weather and wind protection. Their tanks are capable of filling up to let you ride over a long period of time.