A Test Run of the Polaris ATV

A Test Run of the Polaris ATV

It’s Saturday, finally a day off!  I’ve reserved this weekend for riding my Polaris ATV across the Las Vegas terrain.  If you’ve never witnessed Las Vegas sunsets on an ATV, you seriously have not lived.  I have the most incredible photographs that I’ll be sharing soon.  My buddy just purchased his own Polaris ATV after seeing the photos I was capturing.  He’s a longtime photographer, but was looking for another perspective.


Let the Polaris Mud Baths Begin

When I first purchased my Polaris ATV, I took it for a little test run around my ranch.  Rode it down twisted paths and over overgrown trails and gave it its mud bath intiation. There is no obstacle that can overcome it and that’s a good analogy of life.  There’s always a way around the tough stuff to get through to the other side.  And to get to the other side, you gotta get your hands dirty.  My ATV’s caked on mud is its badge of honor, it’s fraternity initiation LOL.

Polaris’ Stellar EPS System

Anyone with a pulse in the industry knows the domination of the Polaris ATV EPS System.  Again, a great analogy of life, whoever is in control of the steering better know the way you want to go so there is no time wasted and you get from point A to B without too much of an unnecessary detour.

This is the machine that is going to be your ride or die at your final destination point.  And when you come to the fork in the road, it might be an even better idea to let the machine take the wheel, so to speak.

Las Vegas Sunsets and The Polaris ATV

I need to rewind a bit and really describe the Las Vegas sunset experience on the Polaris ATV.  But first I have a question for you?  Do you want to sit at home on your computer all weekend checking Facebook or do you want to blaze a trail and ride off into the sunset?  If hiking isn’t your thing, than the Polaris ATV is calling your name.   The operative word is FUN!  Many don’t realize how comfortable ATV riding can be.  But the top name in comfort in this industry is the Polaris ATV.  Now back to the sunsets.  There’s a whole world out there full of land and sky and you shouldn’t ignore it.

Speaking of not ignoring mother nature, the Grand Canyon is next on my list.  I’m only 4 hours away and if I play my cards right, I can book a private ATV tour where you get to ride untrampled terrain.  I’m guessing the Grand Canyon comes with a sunset package too.