When Is the Best Time to Buy Used Motorcycles

When Is the Best Time to Buy Used Motorcycles

Everyone loves getting a good deal on a motorcycle. But for somebody who has never purchased a motorcycle, there may be a lot of questions that could help you get the best deal possible. Like for example, when is the best time to buy a used motorcycle? At BBV Powersports, we’re all about getting new riders on the road so we’re here to help answer that. Knowing when the best time to buy used motorcycles can help you sort through the endless options online and in-store to help you get the best prices!

First of all, this will apply whether you are in the market for a new or reputable bike from a dealer or a private party. The trick is all about the timing and whether the buyer has the leverage instead of the seller. So when is a good time to buy? Well, that depends on where you live.

If you live from the middle of the country up through the Northern half of the country, consider buying in February. If you live in more mild climates, August might be the best time to buy a motorcycle. Here’s why.

Buying a Motorcycle in February

Why is February one of the best months to purchase a motorcycle?

It’s a Short Month

This means that for a salesperson at your local dealer who works on commission, they may struggle to meet a quota for the month because of this disadvantage. This could mean that you are able to get a better price for a bike simply because the shop needs to unload inventory.

It’s Winter

In many states across the country, especially where it rains and snows often, riding a motorcycle is the last thing on anyone’s mind. This means that a few things are in your favor. First, there are fewer people in the market for a motorcycle so you have plenty of negotiating power with dealers because if they don’t give you a favorable price, somebody else might and they not it.

People Need Post-Holiday Cash

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that during the holidays, people score sweet pick-ups on Black Friday, Holiday Sales, and End of the Year Sales. Additionally, people may travel for the holidays which means airfare, time off work, etc. Come February when it’s time to pay off those credit card bills, people will need cash. This is a good time of year to find used bikes for sale at a pretty good price.

Catch the Pre-Tax Influx of Buyers

Finally, and perhaps the most important reason on this list has to do with tax season. Come March, April, and May people will have their tax returns in hand. This is a great time to be in business because people now have sizeable down payments in hand. Because of this, there are generally more buyers and dealers who know that they don’t have to undercut their prices in order to make a commission sale. By buying a motorcycle in February you can beat all of these tax returns by a few weeks and get first pick and best price on a wide variety of inventory.