Tips for Riding in Groups

Tips for Riding in Groups

The feeling of hitting the open road on your motorcycle is unmatched. There’s so much freedom to be had when you take your quick, nimble bike out on a ride. What’s even better is sharing that experience with other riders who want to set out for the day with you. Whether you are riding with a group of close friends or taking part in a rally, it’s important to understand the ground rules for riding your motorcycle in a group. Keep these guidelines from BBV Powersports in mind the next time you plan on riding in groups to make sure that you have a safe and stress-free ride.

Discuss the Route Ahead of Time

It’s generally recommended that you meet up with the group you are riding with beforehand to discuss a few things about your route. This meet up will help you discuss the route ahead of time, determine who the Lead and who the Sweep will be, and get you on the same page as everyone else so that you don’t get lost or injured on your ride. Planning your route ahead is important because it makes it a safer and more enjoyable ride when you know where the destination is, which roads and freeway exit you will take, and where you will all regroup along the way. That way if you lose sight of anyone, you don’t have to panic.

Ride in a Staggered Formation

When you meet up to discuss the route you will take you will also work out who will ride in the front and who will ride in the back. Determine who will ride in what order and ride in a staggered formation. A staggered formation will allow you to have enough distance between each rider and allow for more maneuverability. Keep a second between each rider in the staggered formation and 2 seconds between each rider in the same lane.

Check-in on Each Rider Periodically

If you know the riders who you are with well enough, you should understand what their nods and gestures mean. Check-in on each other periodically throughout the ride to make sure that nobody needs to stop or is experiencing any issues with their bike.

Give Each Rider Space

As mentioned, give each rider space to maneuver by not riding on their back tire. You should give the rider diagonally in front of you one second of time and space while allowing two seconds of space between riders directly in front of you. This will give you all plenty of time to maneuver if things get weird.


  • Discuss the route before the ride
  • Ride in a safe formation
  • Give each other space to move safely
  • Look for communication


  • Ride side by side
  • Ride on each other’s back end…
  • Zip through traffic/split cars

Riding in groups can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very dangerous when riders forget to have discipline.