Top 5 Places to Ride a Motorcycle This Fall

Top 5 Places to Ride a Motorcycle This Fall

Fall foliage, new smells, cooler temperature, and brighter surroundings– indeed, fall is a magical time of the year for riders.

Where to Enjoy a Motorcycle Ride in the Fall

There are just so many places to visit and roads to explore while riding motorcycles this fall. The beautiful places all over America can’t be counted on one hand. And even though the amazing roads to take for motorcycle riders vary from person to person, here are the top 5 places that are no doubt spectacular and perfect for this season’s motorcycle riding.

5. Tunnel of Trees Road, Michigan

In the Midwest is one of the most beautiful forest routes in the country. The flourishing trees create an enclosed canopy cover, and you can see views of the lakeshore with old cabins.

4. Golden Chain Highway, California

The Pacific Coast Highway could be the most famous road to ride for scenic views in California. Many tourists admire the beautiful view along the Golden Chain Highway.

3. Pig Trail, Arkansas

Although this is not a route for novice riders due to its difficulty, it is very famous for showcasing brilliant fall foliage. The road winds through valleys alongside streams.

2. Tail of the Dragon, Tennessee/North Carolina

It is the most famous riding destination that runs along the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest from North Carolina into Tennessee.

1. Alpine Loop, Utah

The extraordinary roads and incredible scenery make the Alpine Loop on top of the list. You might even feel you’ve just landed on Mars in just a few hours!

The Bottom Line

Motorcycle riders can take advantage of the beautiful places during fall. The crisp air and the cool wind blowing while riding a motorcycle is surely a magnificent experience every rider shouldn’t miss this season.